Dog in a backpack
Make Packing For A Road Trip With Pets Easier With These Tips
Pets should never be in the front seat. They can climb on you and hinder your ability to drive, and in an accident, your pet may be struck by the airbag.
Seatbelt Harness
A harness and car leash that straps into a seatbelt or wraps around a headrest can provide an essential safety measure without introducing undue stress or discomfort for your pet.
If you're bringing your pet on a trip, get a first aid kit designed for them. Tweezers, gauze, a flashlight, peroxide, cornstarch, and medication are all must-have items.
First Aid
Toys will help your pet stay calm and enjoy the road trip as much as you and your human travel companions. Be sure you bring toys that don't pose a choking hazard.
A few old T-shirts can provide pets with the smells of their typical environment and help them cope with the trip. Just toss them in with your dog or cat toys.
Old Clothes
Food and water bowls are necessary, and the best option for a road trip is a collapsible bowl. These fold down flat for easy storage and transportation.
Collapsible Bowls