A baby looks out the window at the airport at a plane
Make Going Through TSA With A Baby Easier With These Tips
Traveling can be stressful, especially when carrying a baby, extra supplies, a stroller, and a car seat. These tips will help make going through TSA with your baby easier.
It's always best to have your baby's birth certificate or passport handy just in case the question of their age does come up once you're at the gate.
Travel Documents
The TSA PreCheck program streamlines the process and allows you to breeze through an expedited security lane without any restriction for children under 12.
The TSA is generally more lenient about baby essentials. Baby formula, breast milk, and even juice can be allowed beyond the 3.4 oz limit that applies to other liquids.
The TSA suggests that you carry formula and breastmilk in clear bottles (not bags) to check them through the specialized Bottle Liquid Scanners quickly.
Whatever you choose to pack, always declare these items to a TSA officer at security, especially if they exceed the 3.4 oz rule for liquids.
Avoid dressing you or your baby in clothing with metal snaps or accessories that might set off the metal detector, leading to extra screening, and wear slip-on shoes.
What To Wear
Parents can carry infants through the metal detector using a sling, soft carrier, or in their arms, but strollers, car seats, and backpacks must undergo separate screening.
Check to see if your airport has a specially designed line for parents traveling with children or infants, as it slows the pace down a notch and provides extra support.
Family Lane
While TSA experiences might be unpredictable, maintaining your composure can mean distinguishing between a streamlined TSA interaction and a drawn-out, stressful one.
Keep Calm
If you or your things require additional screening, stay calm and politely ask for details on what's needed and how you can help. Avoid confrontations or heated discussions.