People going through airport security
Make Going Through Airport Security Easier With These TikTok Hacks
TikTok has become an invaluable resource for all things related to travel. It has also become a hub for finding advice to make your time in airports much easier.
TikToker @lilmsawkward (Alexa) suggests that you make laptops and other electronics easily accessible and consolidate your liquids and toiletries into a single, clear container.
Ensure that your water bottle is empty, and wear jackets and shoes that are easily removable so you can slip in and out of them without hassle.
Instead of fussing with electronics in your primary bag, TikTok user @chattybearmagazine suggests carrying a loose side or tote bag to store items you'll have to remove.
This hack results in a quicker and more organized removal when these items pass through the X-ray machine. You can easily fold and stow the tote in your primary bag post-clearance.
Instead of succumbing to airlines and paying for an additional bag, user @wheretonextyall suggests turning your pillow into a bag by stuffing it with some of your belongings.
This trick also allows for smoother security screening, as you can stuff your keys, watch, earphones, change, belt, and other small items into the pillowcase.