Three colorful hard shell suitcases set upright against a light purple background
Luggage Tips That Will Help Ease Your Mind While Traveling
TSA-approved locks are an imperfect solution to luggage being tampered with, as they are made to be secure against others, yet they're built in a way that TSA can access your bags with a master key if needed. Although a thief could finagle the locks open to get inside a suitcase, having the lock there will still manage to slow them down.
Luggage Locks
Especially in busy airports, it is easy for someone to walk by, grab a suitcase and just keep walking, so always have an eye on your bags, and never leave your things unattended for any reason. To make it harder for someone to walk off with a bag, crisscross the straps around opposite ends of your chair, or put a chair leg through the strap to secure it.
Watch Your Stuff
When you're packing, do so on the assumption that someone will have access to your luggage, and tuck valuables in unique places rather than easily accessible places. Hide cash or jewelry inside bra cups, underneath clothes, or in interior pockets within the suitcase, or use decoy objects like a fake hairbrush to hide your jewelry.
Smart Packing
While soft-shell suitcases have their own benefits, hard-shell suitcases are more secure — plastic-based hard-shells are durable and safe, but aluminum luggage is the strongest of all. These suitcases all offer metal bolts rather than zippers, usually have integrated, built-in locks, and are more difficult for someone to rip open.
Hard-Sided Suitcases
If you have a plain suitcase, it's still possible to make it stand out from the rest — especially if it’s a common color. Unique luggage tags, a brightly colored or patterned strap tied to the handles, or stickers (great souvenirs from places you’ve traveled) can make even the most commonly colored bag stand out.
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