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Look Out For These Red Flags Next Time You Book A Hotel
A hotel website might boast about "luxury suites," but if it lacks details about the address, room rates, and pet and parking fees, it's likely a scam.
If a hotel's website is missing crucial details, contact the company and ask. If they don't provide more information, take your business elsewhere.
Before you commit to a hotel, pull it up on Google Maps and navigate to the photos section. Check if the user-submitted photos match up to the promotional glamor shots.
Fake Photos
If the photos pass the reality check, find the hotel on Google Street View to check for anything negative about the exterior or the area that the website didn't mention.
If the hotel doesn't answer repeated calls or reply to emails, it could be poorly run, unresponsive to customer requests, or even out of business.
Poor Communication
Treat the hotel staff with kindness, but if they treat you inhospitably or can't provide adequate information about the hotel, look elsewhere.
Hostile Staff
When traveling internationally, remember that customer service varies. In some cultures, a friendly attitude from staff is appreciated, but in others, it's seen as disrespectful.
Unbelievable deals on hotel rooms are a common ploy of scammers. It's always best to check the hotel's official website and compare the prices.
Suspicious Prices
Listings on top online travel agencies like Expedia and can generally be trusted, but it's still best to call the hotel itself and confirm the listing is authentic.