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Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free With The Help Of This Office Staple
If you’re stumped on how to pack your clothes in a way that doesn't leave them wrinkled, one solution may surprise you: putting them in plastic file folders.
To use plastic file folders for packing, all you have to do is put your folded clothes inside one. Fold your clothes normally, and use one folder for each garment.
Your clothes are stiff and secure when enclosed by the folder, meaning they won't get wrinkled. For those looking for a fancier alternative, packing folders are the way to go.
Cloth packing folders are similar to packing cubes. Like with the plastic file folders, you simply fold your clothes and tuck them inside, but just one can fit plenty of garments.
Many travel-savvy individuals swear by packing folders to prevent wrinkles. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "It's a great way to keep clothes neatly packed and relatively wrinkle-free."