An organized campsite
Keep Camping Messes Tidy By Packing These Essentials
If you want to keep things tidy when camping without buying another piece of equipment, these multi-use items can be used at home and the campsite.
Bungee cords can be used to keep bundles of wood together for your firepit, strap down items to your roof rack, and secure items to your backpack.
Bungee Cords
Regular rope will also work to hang the tarp or for other tasks. Use a short rope to hang a roll of paper towels from a tree or a slightly longer rope as a clothesline.
Use a tarp or rug to set up an entrance to your tent or camper, and regularly sweep away or shake off any dirt so it won't be brought inside.
Tarp Or Outdoor Rug
Keep your shoes off the floor with a hanging organizer. They can also be used as a hanging condiment or cleaning supply holder to save space.
Hanging Shoe Organizers
Use clear plastic bins as storage for dry food ingredients, a makeshift cooler, or a laundry basket. They can also be used to store your camping supplies at home.
Clear Plastic Bins
A mesh pop-up laundry basket provides your clothes with airflow and keeps smells from intensifying while waiting to be washed, which is handy near campfires and mud.
Laundry Baskets
You could also line the basket with a bag and secure it with a clothespin to use as a trash can, making throwing away cooking scraps easy.