Raccoon on trash can holding a cup
Keep Animals Away From Your Campsite With These Hacks
Most wild animals try to avoid humans, so making some noise and causing a ruckus will keep much of the troublesome wildlife away from your campsite and trashcans.
The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife even recommends leaving a radio on at night to help deter bears. However, be sure to obey the campsite's quiet hours.
Animals that enter your campsite are usually after whatever smells are lingering in your trashcan, coolers, and cooking pot. Limiting food waste can help keep them away.
Avoid bringing foods with inedible wrappings, such as bananas. Likewise, try not to make more food than you can eat, as the scent of those leftovers can be hard to mask.
Keeping food and trash in airtight containers can reduce the number and strength of scents that attract animals. The more layers you have, the more effective it'll be.
Precooking your meals allows you to leave undesirable scraps in your trash at home and prevents the need to actively cook at your campsite.
Pack up all your trash before cashing out for the night so that animals can't get into it. You can pack it into your car or tent, as even a cloth barrier will deter most small animals.
However, don't store your trash this way if you're in bear country or mountain lion territory since large predators can get into your tent or mess up your car searching for food.