The Sphinx in front of the pyramids
Incredible Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank
Colombian cities are full of life and culture, from the capital, Bogotá, to the charming, small town of Jardín. The U.S. dollar is strong, and a meal is just a few bucks.
The beauty of the Caribbean Sea, the Magdalena River, and the Santa Marta Mountains surround the small town of Ciénaga, which inspired the classic novel "100 Years of Solitude."
In Costa Rica, the American dollar is accepted in many places, but the official Costa Rican currency of the colón goes into the dollar over 500 times.
Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Puerto Caldera is a hub for cruises and ferries to resorts in Los Suenos and Tortuga, the (in)famous and historic pirate island now a desirable beach getaway.
Costa Rica's capital city offers access to natural wonders, as it's central to a few volcanoes, which create relaxing hot springs and beautiful waterfalls.
San José, Costa Rica
There are many ways to have fun, shop, dine, and drink in the capital city of San José. Street food is popular here, with a meal only costing a few dollars.
The pyramids, sphinx, and many temples in the area are obvious attractions in Egypt, where one U.S. dollar equals around 30 Egyptian pounds.
Cairo is a desert oasis on the Nile River. Old Cairo is the best place to see historical sights, and Khan el-Khalili, a famous bazaar, is where you can haggle some fantastic deals.
Not only is it a historic country, but Hungary is absolutely gorgeous. It's also budget-friendly, as just one U.S. dollar equals 300 Hungarian forints.
Budapest, Hungary
Architecture in Budapest is stunning and diverse. From Art Deco to geometric styles and with materials ranging from iron to expensive marble, the pure variance is staggering.