Salt flats in Bolivia
Incredible South American Destinations To Visit In January
Salar de Uyuni is the world's most expansive salt flat and is often considered Bolivia's dreamiest landscape. It even features hotels made entirely out of salt.
Salar De Uyuni
From January to March, the rainfall transforms the horizon into a vast mirror, creating a reflective optical illusion so spectacular that you won't trust your eyes.
Situated in Chile's Atacama Desert, this area is the second driest place on the planet. Due to its otherworldly atmosphere, the Mars rover prototype was tested here.
Valle De La Luna
Because of its high altitude and lack of pollution, astronomers view stars in this dark-skied region. January is one of the warmer months, making it perfect for a visit.
Far down south in the Patagonia region of Argentina, this glacier stands close to 19 miles in length and is reportedly growing up to 10 feet a day.
Perito Moreno
The summer months (November to March) offer the rare spectacle of seeing pieces of the ice wall cracking off and tumbling into the water, at times up to 250 feet in height.
Also known as Easter Island, this mysterious area's appeal is its collection of nearly 1,000 moai statues. It is officially part of Chile but lies 2,222 miles away.
Rapa Nui
While January is a month of scorching temperatures on the island, it is the ideal time to enjoy the sun rising over the largest row of statues, the Ahu Tongariki.
The unique climate here means you will find hundreds of animal species exclusive to the region, from giant tortoises and iguanas to land snails and insects.
Galápagos Islands
In warm January, the island's green sea turtles and giant tortoises lay their eggs, meaning you may catch a glimpse of the reptiles preparing their nests.