Big Ben clock tower in London at night
Incredible Places Around The World That Inspired Disney Films
London, England, is the backdrop for many Disney films, like "One Hundred and One Dalmatians," where a twist of fate in Regent’s Park leads Pongo and Perdita on an adventure.
Mary Poppins sings and dances all over London, including the song "Feed the Birds," about a woman selling bird food from the steps of the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral.
In A.A. Milne's stories, Winnie-the-Pooh lived in the Hundred Acre Wood. This whimsical place was inspired by Ashdown Forest, England, near Milne's home.
Ashdown Forest
Disney fans come to explore the forest and see the legendary Poohsticks Bridge. Over 10 square miles, it's home to amazing critters like the rare Dartford warbler and the nightjar.
These 5000-year-old stones on a Scottish island filled with archaeological sites inspired the vision for the magical ones Merida discovers in "Brave."
Calanais Standing Stones
With the breathtaking backdrop of the Isle of Lewis, where rugged cliffs drop down to white sandy beaches, the historic site and visitors center is open year-round.
The setting for Disney's 1996 film, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," this cathedral was France's most popular tourist attraction before its fire in 2019.
Notre Dame Cathedral
Once Notre Dame reopens in December 2024, those with a Quasimodo-esque spirit might climb 387 steps up the bell tower to be rewarded with panoramic views of Paris.
This Renaissance masterpiece in France features intricate moats, a forest of chimneys, and a double helix staircase. It was the castle in "Beauty and the Beast."
Château de Chambord
The chateau and gardens are open year-round. Visitors can also enjoy a horse-and-carriage show and stroll miles of footpaths through the castle's surrounding park.