The Amalfi Coast in Italy
Incredible Italian Cities To Add To Your Fall Bucket List
In this city in southern Sicily, the historical ruins are spellbinding, like the Valley of the Temples, where ancient Greek structures still stand.
Enjoy the Colle di Girgenti, a hill with vistas of the ruins and the Mediterranean. The weather is fabulous in the fall, and the beaches are perfect for a relaxing stroll.
Alba promises foodies a fall delight during the annual International Alba White Truffle Fair. Visitors can buy regional truffles, sold by producers that are vetted by judges.
Include some of Alba's incredible sights in the itinerary, such as the neo-Gothic Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, built on a former Roman temple site and on a central piazza.
Once an important port in ancient times, this famous stretch of coast has cliffs and rolling hills that draw teeming crowds during hotter months. In the fall, it slows down.
Its old city gates and narrow cobblestoned streets serve as a testament to its medieval layout. There are old lookout towers, an ancient castle, and naval arsenals.
The Castello Monforte is over 400 years old, and its terrace provides excellent views of the city and the pastoral area beyond, which are incredibly alluring in the fall.
At the base of the castle, the Church of San Giorgio is even older, a sober, tasteful place of worship that locals and visitors alike revere for its longevity.
The New Sannitico Provincial Museum is a former noble's residence with archaeological treasures like old papers, statues, and household goods from the pre-Roman Empire era.
Amid Catania's pleasant climate, visit the Palazzo Biscari, a Baroque palace with luxury and ostentation throughout its impressive ballroom and numerous frescoes.
Wander the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò, stop by the fish market, and head underground to see old baths, a Roman amphitheater, and a church connected by tunnels.