A man sitting in a chair by a campfire under the stars in the Australian bush. His home is a tent and a four wheel drive.
Incredible Gifts That The Camping Enthusiast In Your Life Will Love
STNKY bags trap nasty odors from seeping into the rest of your stuff or making your tent, cabin, or RV unbearable. They can also be used as laundry bags.
LAKA Coolers are a great budget-conscious alternative to YETI coolers. They are a fraction of the weight of other brands, and some even come with a telescoping handle.
LAKA Coolers
These tiny white noise machines double as Bluetooth speakers and can be powered by a battery or solar charger, making them ideal even for the great outdoors.
LectroFan Micro
The Power Practical Luminoodle is a USB-charged, easily portable, dimmable rope light that keeps your home base warm and cozy. They can also be used at home.
Klymit Drift Camp Pillows are made from shredded memory foam, offering users a comfortable yet supportive sleep environment that's easy to crush into a packable size.
Camp Pillow
The Klymit pillows also have reversible covers. One side is a soft, Jersey cotton material, and turning it inside out offers a polyester that is water and dirt-resistant.