Women running with pans
Incredible Food Festivals Around The World To Add To Your Bucket List
Every spring in Gloucester, England, a 7-pound Double Gloucester cheese wheel is released from the top of Cooper's Hill, rolling downward at speeds up to 70 mph.
Cheese Roll
A second later, brave competitors race after the cheese — often tumbling head-over-heels to reach the bottom first. The winner of this 200-yard race wins the cheese wheel.
There are many "Testicle Festival" events held annually in the United States, where you can taste grilled, fried, and battered dishes.
Testicle Festival
We recommend trying Rocky Mountain Oysters, aka bull testicles, which taste a bit like calamari. If you're feeling really hungry, enter a Testicle Festival eating competition.
At a festival in Lopburi, Thailand, monkeys are the guest of honor and are treated to a bountiful buffet, as they are thought to bring prosperity to the town.
Monkey Buffet Festival
Every Shrove Tuesday, the women of Olney, England, race with frying pans of pancakes from a starting line to the foot of a church, tossing it at the beginning and end.
Pancake Race
In 1945, villagers in Buñol, Spain, began hurling nearby produce at one another in a quarrel, leading to the origin of La Tomatina, the world's largest food fight.
La Tomatina
The festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August, where revelers spend an hour hurling over 100 tons of overripe tomatoes at one another.