Person on a hammock in the Cayman islands
Incredible Experiences To Enjoy In The Cayman Islands
Off Rum Point on the north coast of Grand Cayman, the water in this bay lights up when agitated, a phenomenon caused by tiny marine creatures emitting light.
Bioluminescent Bay
Cayman Kayaks takes visitors on this bucket-list-worthy excursion at night, or you can travel by motor boat to see the magical illumination as you glide through the water.
The blowholes in the eastern part of Grand Cayman are a sight that is both thrilling and terrifying, with unbridled spouts and surges of water leaping into the sky.
The Blowholes
The majority of the blowholes are located along Seaview Road, and when the winds and surges are strong, the water from them can rocket up as high as 20 feet.
This elevated island is an excellent spot for rock climbing. The cliffs sit above gorgeous turquoise waters, adding incredible vistas to the excursion.
Cayman Brac
Operator Rock Iguana takes visitors to the cliffs, with choices such as a rappel tour or a two-day beginner course that covers tying knots, gear, and holds.
One of the most popular spirits in the Caribbean is rum, and it's one of the drinks made at the Cayman Spirits Company Distillery, a producer based in Grand Cayman.
Tours cost $15 and last a little over 30 minutes. Visitors will see a 1,200-gallon copper still, a 30-foot tower used for vodka, and the apparatus used to distill rum.
Run by the government of the Cayman Islands, the Cayman Turtle Centre features different sections where visitors can learn about and interact with turtles.
Cayman Turtle Centre
In the Greens' Breeding Bay, you can spot turtle eggs and sit in small pools where young turtles swim. In the lagoon area, families can snorkel in with juvenile turtles.