Person pointing while holding a phone and driving
Improve Your Travel With These Helpful New Google Map Features
From translating foreign addresses to notifying you of how busy specific areas are, Google Maps has rolled out some nifty features that can be a godsend for travelers.
If you're mostly relying on public transportation, it's now easier to figure out which transit will get you to your destination faster.
The system takes into consideration several factors, including ETA and trip duration. It can also customize routes based on your preferences, like lower costs and less walking.
The app has also introduced a feature in some cities that pinpoints train station entrances and exits, complete with visual cues, which can be especially useful in a crowded area.
Another new feature can help you find exciting activities using AI, delivering "thematic results" that are more detailed and likely more aligned with your interests.
For instance, Google noted that if you're in Tokyo and search for activities using Google Maps, it will provide you with more specific results, like "anime" or "cherry blossoms."
In addition, with Google Maps' collaboration functionality, everyone in a group can voice their opinion in a shared list, making trip planning more organized and democratic.