The opening credits scene with the Friends cast on a couch by a fountain
Iconic Friends Filming Locations In New York And Beyond
On a studio tour in Hollywood, California, you can see the couch and fountain from the opening credits, costumes and props, and the Friends Boutique and Café.
Warner Bros. Studios
Explore recreated sets from the show, including the Central Perk, Monica's apartment, and Joey and Chandler's bachelor pad, complete with the infamous foosball table.
Hopping the pond for Ross' wedding, Joey and Chandler emerged from the lavish London Marriot Hotel Grosvenor Square in the upscale Mayfair neighborhood.
London Marriott Hotel
The area has elegant architecture, historic buildings, restaurants, and intriguing art galleries. Stroll Hyde Park, with lush greenery, meandering paths, and Serpentine Lake.
It's hard to know why Chandler was dubbed "Westminster Crabby" before this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but Joey said, "Hands down, best abbey I've ever seen."
Westminster Abbey
The Gothic abbey has thousands of years of history, with 40 monarchs crowned on site and 16 royal "I dos." It's the final resting place for 30 monarchs and many notable figures.
Despite a series of disasters, Emily is excited to show off the perfect "I do" spot to Ross and Rachel, and the trio walks down Wapping High Street to the church.
London's East End
The exterior shown is St. Johns Church, Wapping. Per The National Heritage List for England, it's one of the country's "most significant historic buildings" and "protected by law."
While sightseeing solo, Joey meets Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and she shoots a cheeky video, telling Chandler that she thinks Joey's hat is "kinda dashing."
Buckingham Palace
The scene occurs at Buckingham Palace, the King's official London residence. Visitors can tour the grand staircase, 19 opulent State Rooms, thrones, and art masterpieces.