History-Buffs Will Love This Popular China Tourist Destination
Modern and ancient Beijing
Built in 1420, the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans more than 7.75 million square feet and is full of history.
Two imperial dynasties flourished here until 1911, and it lies on the remains of a palace structure from the 12th century. It is a must-visit for ancient history buffs.
For years, the Forbidden City served as the private sanctuary for the Ming and Qing dynastic rulers. It held gardens, courtyards, exhibition spaces, living quarters, and more.
One awe-inspiring way to take in the sheer majesty and magnanimity of the site is to walk the palace walls. Another highly recommended activity is to view the Treasure Gallery.
The Forbidden City has also been the site of a lot of recent historical events that rocked the world, including the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square.