Man going through airport security
Here's Why You May Get Selected For Additional Airport Screening
In the U.S., 92 suspicious travel behaviors, like frequent travel to "high-risk" destinations, increase the likelihood of being selected for additional screening.
Suspicious Patterns
Other red-flag travel behaviors include booking flights at the last minute, purchasing one-way tickets without a clear return plan, and short trips to distant countries.
Certain behaviors can indicate deception to security, such as avoiding eye contact or excessive talking, sweating, fidgeting, yawning, coughing, whistling, and blinking.
Security agents watch out for inappropriate attire, too. Verbal cues might involve conflicting explanations of travel plans or nervous responses to routine questioning.
You may be screened if your surname matches or closely resembles one on a security watchlist, which can cause innocent individuals to be flagged for scrutiny.
The impact is particularly pronounced for travelers with common surnames or those from certain ethnic or cultural backgrounds where name similarities are more likely.