Car driving down mountain road
Here's How You Can Build The Perfect Road Trip Using AI Tools
AI uses reviews and ratings to suggest the best places to visit in your route. The best free AI travel planners include Roam Around,, Tripnotes, Curiosio, and Genius Trip.
While you can take a chance and let Artificial Intelligence guide you entirely, setting the parameters to your needs can help the technology generate a more personalized trip.
For the best experience, tell the AI about your food preferences, how often you want to stop, your vehicle type, places you want to visit, and your preferred accommodation style.
For example, if your car is an electric vehicle, AI can plot out charging points for your model along your route and find places to eat or visit while your car is charging.
AI isn't just useful for the planning phase. You can use an AI-powered map app to navigate and get real-time updates in case of traffic jams or road closures to avoid them.
However, some language models may provide you with obsolete information. Plus, AI attempts to produce an answer even when it doesn't have enough information and can be inaccurate.
Refining an itinerary by scanning the route before committing is crucial. Always check if the data lines up with recent reviews or what the businesses or attractions say online.