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Have The Trip Of A Lifetime With These Incredible Italy Travel Hacks
Italy is stunning all year round, so if you are trying to avoid the crowds, traveling from mid-November to mid-March is delightfully mild and amenable.
Visit In The Off-Season
You can experience warm weather and sleepy beach towns on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily or visit central Italy for stunning foliage, fun festivals, and celebratory events.
If this is your first time exploring Italy, start in Rome. It's brimming with culture, has a large international airport, and is close to many other destinations.
Start In Rome
Packing light saves money on baggage, reduces the chance of your luggage getting lost, allows you to utilize the space in your carry-on, and makes it easy to get dressed.
Pack Light
Bring versatile clothing that can be a part of many outfits. Make sure you have weather-appropriate dressy shoes, comfortable casual shoes, and a lightweight, waterproof jacket.
If you visit Italy in the off-season, certain spots can be chilly, so opt for a warmer coat, an umbrella, and a sweater. If you're going to Venice, bring rain boots.
Step outside your comfort zone and try all of Italy's delicious eats and drinks. Don't stick to food you know — try to indulge in some truly authentic cuisine.
This country is packed with life-altering eats, everything from Fiorentina steak and polenta to ossobuco, xicchetti, and more, so foodies should plan to sample them all.