Flight attendant with meal cart
Get Your Meal Faster While On A Plane With This Genius Hack
When you go on a long journey, it is understandable that you would get hungry aboard the plane. If you have a healthy appetite, try this great hack to get your food quicker.
In an interview with The Daily Mail, flight attendant Caroline Kneitz advises ordering a special meal like a vegan or gluten-free option, as they are given out earlier.
The vegan meal will be hotter as it is straight out of the oven and hasn't been sitting on the cart. In the evening, getting your food quicker means you can go to sleep earlier.
If you want regular food, you can get it quicker by sitting near the head of the plane, as the meals are usually distributed from the front of the aircraft to the back.
Those with allergies or particular preferences can bring their food and ask the attendant to heat it up. This can also work well for children who might not like airplane food.
Sometimes, there is leftover food, so if you're nice to your attendant, they might let you have an extra meal. Being polite is generally a useful way to get free stuff on a plane.