A woman boards a tour bus
Get The Most Out Of A European Bus Tour With Rick Steves' Tips
Travel expert Rick Steves says seeing Europe on a tour bus can offer a unique experience of scenic routes through lesser-known destinations you wouldn't visit otherwise.
There are various choices, such as orientation tours that give a light, 90-minute once-over. Longer tours include a few stops at some of the highlights with some walking.
Hop on, hop off tours stop at the city's top sites, with buses coming by several times an hour. Steves says tours that only stay one night in each place can be tiring.
Steves also advises touring with smaller groups as you get a more intimate experience visiting Europe's hidden gems.
When selecting a Europe bus tour, your top considerations might be the cost and the activities included, but Steves notes that the right guide is equally essential.
How the guide is paid can affect their service. If they're working on commissions and tips, you can expect them to deliver the best sightseeing experience possible.
The travel guru has found that unbelievably cheap bus tours often have shady guides who try to make extra money from you once they have you on the tour.
While the whole point of joining a Europe bus tour is to free yourself from the burden of planning a trip, Steves encourages travelers to do some solo exploration occasionally.
"Feel privileged to walk the vibrant streets of Europe as a student — not as a judge," Steves says, "You really want to be there. You want to immerse yourself in the culture."