Open suitcase with summer clothes, accessories and shoes on floor, flat lay
Get A Little Extra Room In Your Suitcase With This TikTok Packing Hack
TikTok has a treasure trove of travel advice, and TikToker @niyaesperanza swears that a particular packing strategy has saved her trips many times.
To fit a lot of clothes into a suitcase, lay a piece of clothing with a large surface area flat at the bottom of the luggage and pile all the other garments flat on top of it.
Reach underneath, grab the bottom of the larger item, and fold it over the top of the articles of clothing to the right. Lean on the bundle, squeezing out excess air.
Keep your right arm on the clothes and use your left hand to put more garments into the open space. Create a wedge, then release your right hand from the large stack.