Cinderella's castle at Disneyland, lit up in a fireworks display with projected images
Genius Tips For Saving On Disney Tickets
Disney often has ticket deals on their website tied to resort reservations, like discounted multi-day tickets for specific dates at on-property hotels.
Check Specials
However, deals may only be available during a short window, so it is not ideal for long-term planning. There are usually no specials around holidays like Christmas or New Year's.
Keep an eye on their website, especially during the slow season, during months like January or September. Sometimes, you can even save specifically on tickets for kids.
Use credit card reward points to purchase gift cards. If you can't get Disney gift cards, other brands, like Starbucks, accept gift cards at Disney resorts.
Reward Points
Disney Visa cardholder points can be redeemed through your Rewards Redemption Card to buy park and special event tickets or book hotels.
Even if you pay market value for Disney Park tickets from resale sites or membership clubs, you get them cheaper by buying with discounted gift cards.
Discounted Gift Cards
Some places that always have discount Disney gift cards for a range of prices include Target, Costco, and Sam's Club. Be wary of gift card reselling through social media.
Avoid scams by only buying discounted tickets from trusted issuers, like Undercover Tourist, who can sell authentic tickets at a discount.
Discount Issuers
Driving through Kissimmee or Orlando, you'll notice little shops with signs for discount Disney tickets, but you'll probably be required to attend a lengthy timeshare presentation.
Disney Annual Passes are a significant investment, but if you plan on visiting the parks once a year for at least a week, going with an Annual Pass is worthwhile.
Annual Passes
Investing in a Disney Annual Pass is essentially purchasing your park tickets in advance, with bonus discounts on merchandise, food, and hotels.