Woman's suitcase laid on a bed with a lot of travel-related objects all around: a mobile phone, clothes, accessories.
Genius Tips For Packing Bulky Clothes In Your Carry-On
Upgrade the popular hack of tightly rolling clothes instead of folding them by laying smaller items like t-shirts and socks on top of larger pieces like a sweater.
By layering, you will only put a few oversized rolled items in your carry-on. This is a terrific way to pack entire outfits at once since you can keep everything together.
By rolling your clothes, you will maximize the space in your bag. If bulky items don't fit, you can always roll everything else and lay the heavy items on top.
Don't Fold
Placing your largest items in the carry-on first is often better to create a picture frame, then fit the other smaller clothing pieces around it.
To pack efficiently, try packing cubes with double zippers. You can open both sets of zippers, place your items inside, and close the primary zipper first.
Packing Cubes
Once done, you can attempt to zip the compression zipper. Even if you can't get the second zipper shut, the cube will still help save space.
We don't recommend placing bulky items in packing cubes as they take up so much space, but they can help a thick sweater or sweatshirt shrink in size.
Compression bags are a significant upgrade from conventional packing bags as they offer better storage utilization and keep belongings secure and organized.
Vacuum Bags
Vacuum-sealed storage bags save space and are see-through, but they can also make your bag unbearably heavy by overpacking with the extra room.
The compression can reduce the size of stuffed animals or pillows without adding much weight. Recompress when traveling by kneeling on the bag and manually squeezing the air out.
Pack your bulkiest items at the bottom of your suitcase, letting the rest of your clothes press the oversized articles down and create more space.
Put the heaviest items near your luggage's rear wheels to help redistribute the weight of your suitcase so the bag will roll better and is less likely to tip over.