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Genius TikTok Hacks For Eco-Friendly Travel
TikTok has become an invaluable resource for improving your travel experiences with tips and tricks, such as providing eco-friendly hacks while on your journey.
User @thesorrygirls suggests using Google Maps to find the most fuel- or energy-efficient routes. A green leaf symbol characterizes these options.
Google Maps
Google launched the eco-friendly routing feature in 2021 and notes in its 2023 Environmental Report that it has helped save 1.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
Another way to practice sustainability, as suggested by TikTok user @urbanlist, is choosing lodging options committed to reducing their carbon footprint.
Climate-Friendly Lodging
These hotels typically adopt eco-friendly practices, including timed lights and showers, and can be identified by the "eco-certified" label on Google Travel.
While many travelers try to squeeze in as many activities as possible in one location before moving on, try staying in a single location for a prolonged period of time.
Slow Travel
User @emilypadan explained that slow travel allows you to interact with locals, wander around on foot, and contribute to the local economy by dining and shopping at local shops.
In addition to slow travel's more immersive and contemplative approach, you can minimize your environmental impact by using trains, which have a lower carbon footprint than planes.