Seattle waterfront
Fun Free Things To Do Next Time You're In Seattle
Seattle has plenty of walking tours, but don't just go with the first one you see when you Google "free walking tours Seattle," as the majority aren't actually free.
Walking Tour
Instead, sign up with Seattle Free Walking Tours, which has a "pay what you want" policy. It's nice to tip your guide, but it doesn't require you to pay a cent.
This remarkable outdoor art park features sculptures that are a marvel to see in person, enhanced by the Olympic National Park across the Sound.
Olympic Sculpture Park
The park is free to visit and open every day of the year. We recommend visiting twice so you can see the works in the daytime and bathed in the special light of dawn or dusk.
Pike Place and the waterfront are truly where Seattle's essence, food, crafts, and people come together to make the Emerald City what it is.
Pike Place Market
It's free to enter both locations, although you'll likely end up buying something along the way. For free entertainment, stop by the fish market to see the famous flying fish.
Fremont neighborhood is a quirky area full of tasty eateries, independent coffee shops, nightlife, bookstores, and the famous Fremont Troll.
Fremont Troll
Thanks to its endless Evergreens and numerous parks, Seattle stays verdant throughout all seasons. An easy "free day" in Seattle can be spent just park-hopping.
Gas Works Park provides sweeping views of the city skyline and Lake Union, while Kerry Park is best for sunset and boasts one of the best viewpoints in all of Seattle.