Road between ravines in Ontinyent - Bocairent, Valencia, Spain
Fun Family-Friendly Games To Play On Your Next Long Road Trip
I Spy is a game anyone can pick up, no matter how young. You don't have to pack any equipment to play, and there are bound to be family members already familiar with it.
I Spy
The first player says, "I spy with my little eye something that..." and hints at a thing they can see. The other players then take turns guessing the object until someone is right.
This game involves simple yes or no play and employs deductive reasoning, making it ideal for all ages. To start, one person will think of a person, place, or thing.
20 Questions
The other family members will ask questions to narrow things down, and you're limited to 20 questions before making a guess. The fewer questions you use, the more points you get.
Punch Buggy is ideal for settling sibling rivalries and releasing pent-up energy. All your family members have to do is spot Volkswagen Beetles on the road.
Punch Buggy
If someone sees this vehicle, they get to lightly punch the person next to them while shouting out, "Punch Buggy!" They'll also receive a point for a car well spotted.
If you like Punch Buggy but aren't seeing many Beetles, switch to Zitch Dog. In this game, you must yell the phrase if you see a dog in another car.
Zitch Dog
Some Zitch Dog alternatives include The Banana Game, where you yell out "banana" if you see a yellow vehicle, or Padiddle, where you look for cars with only one working headlight.
To play this game, make copies of a nicely labeled map with states outlined in black. Players will color in each state when they see a license plate from there.
License Plate Game