Tomb of the voodoo queen Marie Laveau
Fun Activities To Add To Your New Orleans Bucket List
This tiny, impactful museum explains the city's cultural traditions and notable historical figures like Marie Laveau and her former kneeling bench.
Historic Voodoo Museum
Book a tour to get the whole experience, where you'll be transported centuries back to the origins of Louisiana Voodoo and its unique cultural importance in New Orleans.
In the French Quarter, you'll find artists drawing lifelike portraits, tarot card readers, chipper jugglers, and street food in this lively meeting place.
Jackson Square
Jackson Square started in 1721 as an open-air market known as Place d'Armes, and thanks to its convenient location near the port, it has been a central hub of the city ever since.
As the oldest Catholic Church in continuous use in the U.S., this church is one of the city's most important cultural landmarks and Jackson Square's centerpiece.
Saint Louis Cathedral
A self-guided, donation-based tour explains Saint Louis Cathedral's fascinating history, like who is buried beneath it and a particular unfortunate fire in the late 18th century.
With a kaleidoscope of neon signage, historic jazz bars doling out absinthe, and funky nightclubs, few things are more emblematic of New Orleans than Bourbon Street.
Bourbon Street
Pop into Fritzel's Jazz Pub after a visit to The Old Absinthe House, which once beckoned Oscar Wilde, and Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, one of the oldest bars in the country.
Hit the party spots, like Tropical Isle's Bayou Club, with Cajun tunes and classic drinks. Close the evening off with gator tail bites at Olde Nola Cookery.
Set inside a historic U.S. Mint on the Mississippi near Crescent Park, this museum showcases the jazz music that brought the city to life.
New Orleans Jazz Museum
It has many interactive experiences and exhibits, concerts, and festivals, like the annual Satchmo Summerfest, honoring beloved trumpeter Louis Armstrong.