Flight attendant talking to man
Flights Attendant On Why You Should Avoid Using Airplane Toilet Paper
Flight attendants often use social media to share aircraft secrets. TikToker @flightbae.b is no different, and she recently revealed a trade secret about airplane toilet paper.
Using toilet paper on a flight might lead to cross-contamination and bacteria where you don't want it. It's best to bring your own toilet paper or baby wipes to use instead.
"When turbulence hits and little boys [...] kind of point and shoot everywhere, that usually ends up on the toilet paper," she explained in the viral TikTok.
If you forget to bring your own hygiene products, try using the tissue paper that's normally placed much higher, near the sink and mirror, and away from the toilet seat.
Flight attendant @cierra_mistt recommends using paper towels instead of toilet paper. "It's higher quality, and it won't rip or dissolve like the toilet paper will," she advises.