Rick Steves with microphone
Find Some Of The Best Art In Europe With These Tips From Rick Steves
Europe is teeming with some of the world's most iconic works of art, and travel guru Rick Steves has shared some valuable tips on how to see the best pieces.
Steves advises travelers to be selective and efficient about the art they see. When going to a museum, he emphasizes the importance of sticking to the well-known attractions.
On his website, he writes, "Only a fraction of a museum's pieces are masterpieces worthy of your time. You can't possibly cover everything — so don't try."
Many of Europe's most popular museums offer pamphlets, and you can utilize Steves' free app called "Rick Steves Audio Europe," which provides self-guided tours of notable museums.
To later confirm you didn't skip over anything of value, Steves suggests checking out the gift shop's postcards to see if you missed a certain painting.
Steves admits that three hours of museum-going is typically his cutoff. If there's a museum you want to explore more deeply, then he suggests visiting over multiple days.