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Feel Safe When Staying In An Airbnb With These Tips
Always complete all payments within the Airbnb platform. Avoid making direct payments to or sharing any credit card or banking details with the host.
Safe Payment
Even if they offer a better rate for direct payment, you should decline, as it will not be protected. Airbnb even suggests reporting the host if they insist on direct payment.
Always read Airbnb reviews, as they can offer valuable insights about overall guest experiences. Pay close attention to see if any guests have expressed safety concerns.
That being said, don't take every review at face value. Check if a review you're considering is recent and relevant, and prioritize verified Airbnb reviews.
Before locking in your Airbnb booking, conduct your own simple vetting of the host. Make sure they've provided a certified government ID, phone number, and email.
Meet Your Host
Use Airbnb's messaging feature to ask the Airbnb host questions about anything related to the accommodation. If you sense any shady behavior, move on to other options.
If there are no Airbnb reviews of the property, consider extending your search to other platforms to gather a more comprehensive understanding and compare reviews.
Beyond Airbnb
You can also search social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to gather additional context about the host's background, but keep your communication inside the Airbnb app.
If you're traveling to a new place, learn as much as you can about the nearby area. Use Google Street View to assess the neighborhood's ambiance and surroundings.
Checking the reviews of nearby places can also be insightful to get a sense of what the neighborhood is like and the proximity of essential facilities like stores and hospitals.