Castle at Efteling in Amsterdam
Family-Friendly Activities To Do On Your Next Trip To Amsterdam
This museum is an exploratory, hands-on experience with exhibits that teach little ones and adults alike about the world around them.
The Nemo Science Museum
Displays include an aging machine that shows you how you’ll look in 20 years if you keep up your current lifestyle and a waterfall controlled by wind turbines.
There are optical illusion rooms to take funny photos in and even a room that allows participants to harvest energy from light, wind, and water to make various objects move.
One of the most simple and free activities in Amsterdam, Vondelpark is the ideal spot for families traveling on a budget or just looking to spend a day in nature.
This historic 150-year-old park provides idyllic scenery for lounging, picnicking, bike riding, and rollerskating. It also has a well-equipped playground called the Groot Melkhuis.
Efteling is a magical, fantasy-style amusement park set in the middle of a forest. It’s full-blown whimsical and has tons of rides that will get your heart pumping.
For families too young or timid for big rides there are still plenty of activities to partake in such as the river rapids ride, 4D films, and a calmer rollercoaster.
There are free shows at the park, like sporadic water shows and scheduled puppet shows. If you want more, walk through Fairytale Forest and get lost in a different world.
Stroopwafels are a must-try Dutch dessert in Amsterdam, and while there’s no shortage of places to try them, this is the one you should visit with kids.
Van Wonderen Stroopwafels
This store stands out from the others with its wide variety of stroopwafel toppings and styles, from chocolate-covered stroopwafels with nuts to stroopwafels coated in candy.
Here at one of the city’s most important museums, you will learn about Anne Frank’s life, diary, and influence in the real house her family hid in for over 2 years.
The Anne Frank House
Throughout the rooms, you’ll see historical documents, photographs, items that belonged to the Frank family and those who helped hide them, and entries from Anne’s original diary.