Hawaiian sunset
Everything You Should Pack For Your Hawaii Vacation
When traveling to Hawaii, it's best to prepare for all types of weather and decide what activities you'll be doing so you can pack your suitcase accordingly.
Essential Tips
Avoid overpacking, keep an item list, wear bulky items on the plane, use packing cubes, and always protect your documents when traveling.
The most important things to keep close are your passport, license, health insurance, travel documents, money, hotel information, medication, and a first-aid kit.
Important Items
Before packing for Hawaii, consider what is on your itinerary. Bring at least two swimsuits to allow time for one to dry, and if you go hiking, you'll need warmer clothes.
Most hotels provide the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, or soap, but you'll need to bring any of your self-care products while adhering to TSA guidelines.
Your sunblock must be reef-safe without the ingredients avobenzone and octocrylene. It might be best to buy a mineral-only sunscreen once you arrive.
Don't forget to pack things to enjoy, like a book for the beach, a waterproof camera, or water wings for your child.