Family checking in at a hotel
Everything To Know Before Booking A Room With A Non-Refundable Rate
When it comes to hotel booking, one option that stands out is the non-refundable room rate: a rate that, once booked and paid for, does not offer a refund if you choose to cancel.
Many hotels offer non-refundable rooms at lower prices. Booking a room with this rate can be a great idea, but only if your plans are set in stone and you have a backup plan.
If there's any uncertainty about your travel dates, choose a refundable room. It's also wise to invest in travel insurance so you can recover some of your money.
If you have a non-refundable room and plans change, your best bet is to plead your case to hotel management. In the event of bereavement or sickness, you could get a refund.
If the hotel room isn't what you expected, provide photos to the hotel to prove it. As a last resort, you can resell the non-refundable hotel room through online marketplaces.