A vertical shot of the Universal Studios Globe in a park on a sunny day in Orlando, the USA
Every Ride At Universal Studios Hollywood, Ranked From Worst to Best
This ride in Super Silly Fun Land, a "Despicable Me" themed area, is one of the few attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood that kids are tall enough to ride.
11. Silly Swirly
Riders hop on a monster and are lifted into the air, moving in a clock-like fashion. Minions loudly sing pop hits in gibberish.
On this small, outdoor roller coaster in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, riders imagine soaring over Hogwarts on the back of a Hippogriff.
10. Flight of the Hippogriff
The kiddie coaster is pretty straightforward, offering a mild thrill that lasts barely a minute. It's a great option as a child's first roller coaster.
The flashy technology of this ride is dazzling in parts and overblown in others. In 3D glasses, you and Optimus Prime traverse a cityscape at nighttime.
9. Transformers: The Ride
As your trackless vehicle glides through the "streets," some sets and screens blend seamlessly, and in others, the ride seems to have given up keeping up illusions.
There are lots of explosions, clanking metal, and ongoing chaos. The ride's combo of a traditional dark ride with a simulator is inventive but, as a whole, a little hectic.
Set in a large auditorium, this madcap simulator Despicable Me misadventure is great fun for any family who loves Minions, even if the ride is pretty basic.
8. Minion Mayhem
In the beginning, Gru's daughters transform you into a Minion. From there, it's off to the races as you perilously bounce through Gru's laboratory, narrowly avoiding sudden death.
The movie's voice cast, like Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove, reprise their roles. As is usual for anything Minions-related, it's best enjoyed if you let loose and have fun.
An indoor roller coaster, this ride delivers thrills and a spooky story. Robotic and projected skeletal mummies threaten to steal your soul in the dark.
7. Revenge Of The Mummy
As the park's only white-knuckle roller coaster, the California version is shorter than Florida's, with fewer special effects and no Brendan Fraser.