A colorful street in Edinburgh, Scotland
European Cities That Are Vegan And Vegetarian-Friendly
As of 2022, London has 400 vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants. Chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi bring veggies to Michelin-star restaurants, like Pied à Terre.
The British Isles
Edinburgh, Scotland, has many vegetarian/vegan restaurants and shops, as well as Glasgow, which has over 100 vegan-friendly eateries to choose from.
Paris has just under 70 fully vegan restaurants, including VG Pâtisserie, Riz Riz, and the vegan chain Hank Burger, which has two Paris locations and one in Lyon.
Western Europe
Berlin, the vegan capital of Europe, had 83 vegan restaurants as of 2020 and hosts the biggest veggie festival in Europe. Amsterdam also has a rising number of veggie eateries.
Barcelona hosts the VeggieWorld Barcelona festival each year which includes food, lifestyle, and cosmetics. Madrid is also vegan-friendly with over 40 eateries.
Southern Europe
Lisbon has 36 vegan restaurants as of 2020. Recently, the entire country of Portugal made vegan food a requirement in both public schools and prisons.
Stockholm has over 20 vegan restaurants. Gothenburg, Sweden is also vegan-friendly and has vegan eateries like Blackbird and Brewers Beer Bar.
Northern Europe
Copenhagen, Denmark, has won awards for its environmental consciousness and has many vegan/veggie restaurants, like Lupa.
As of 2020, Warsaw, Poland, has around 50 vegan restaurants, like Lokal Vegan Bistro. Prague is also very veggie-friendly, with over 50 vegan eateries.
Eastern Europe
Budapest, Hungary, has around 30 vegan spots, including Napfényes Éttem, which offers home delivery. There is also a monthly vegan Sunday pop-up market.