An open suitcase filled with items
Ensure You Look Your Best While On Vacation With These Packing Tips
Opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics like polyester, denim, wool, and lyocell/spandex. These materials tend to keep their shape and are durable and low-maintenance.
Wrinkly Fabrics
Fabrics like cotton and linen wrinkle easily, so try blends like cotton/polyester or cotton/wool. You can hang the garment in the bathroom during a shower to smooth out wrinkles.
Always roll lighter items and fold bulkier pieces. Consider rolling t-shirts, dresses, and other lighter items to fit in small spaces and keep wrinkles at bay.
Folding Vs. Rolling
Bulky clothes like jackets, sweaters, and structured pants are better off folded. This will also prevent creases and keep your clothing's shape, making them ready to wear.
The idea of a travel capsule wardrobe is to have a small selection of items and clothing that effortlessly complement one another to make many outfit combinations.
Travel Capsule
The essentials are tops, bottoms, layers, and shoes — stick with neutrals and some pops of color. Once you've chosen, take pictures of each outfit to know what goes with what.