Campfire against dark sky
Easily Start A Campfire With Wet Wood With These Tips
There are few things more annoying than starting a campfire with a pile of wet wood. Luckily, the solution is simple: Add more kindling and tinder and build your fire up.
If you're working with damp or wet wood, you're going to need a lot of extra timber and kindling to get the flames going — almost four times as much as the normal amount.
Dry twigs, shavings, and deadwood work as kindling, and for tinder, you can use anything from dryer lint to crumpled paper, lighter fuel, paraffin wax, and even some dry grass.
Once you've collected your supplies, construct a strong base for your fire. Build it in a teepee shape with your tinder in the center and your kindling placed vertically around it.
Then, lay two pieces of your wet firewood parallel to each other on either side of your kindling teepee. On top of these, place two more pieces of wet firewood above the kindling.
Finally, set your kindling ablaze and feed it with more material as needed. Before you know it, the flames will have dried up the logs, and they'll start to burn.