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Easily Plan Your First Solo Trip With A Travel Agent's Expert Tips
In an exclusive interview with Explore, Victoria Fricke from Vic's Vacations shared insights about planning a solo trip that she learned from years of working as a travel agent.
If you've never traveled alone, Fricke suggests starting "simple and easy. An all-inclusive resort in Mexico, for example, would be a wonderful first solo trip."
Don't Be Afraid
Fricke also suggests getting "a resort that's located near a city center." This location will give you opportunities to explore on your own while still enjoying peace of mind.
Fricke says, "Having a plan allows you to think ahead, to budget, and to coordinate your overall experience ahead of time. This eliminates stress and fear."
Travel Plan
Explore your transportation options, set your budget for accommodations, and create a list of favorite activities to ease your mind and make you feel prepared to explore.
Fricke also says to "create your budget around the accommodations.” Choose a place that will bring you peace of mind regarding cost, location, and convenience.
"The biggest thing for solo travelers (especially solo female travelers) is safety," Fricke notes. Keeping a friend aware of your plans will enhance your safety.
Communicate Plans
Fricke says, "I would suggest ensuring someone back at home has access to your location on your phone as well as all of your plans." This will help you feel more secure.
"At your destination, just remember it's okay to post on social media in a delayed way [...] Also, don't advertise to those around you that you're solo," Fricke suggests.
Stay Aware
Finally, Fricke suggests paying attention to your instincts. "Look around when you're by yourself. No need to be paranoid, but just use common sense."