A man walks through an airport with a suitcase and smiling at his phone
Download These Travel Apps Before Your Next International Vacation
From the moment your plane touches the ground in a foreign country with a different language, you'll need to figure out a way to communicate.
The free app DeepL does accurate translations in more than 25 languages. You can save specific phrases to refer back to and use your camera to translate text.
This handy little app lets you input two locations, like countries, cities, tourist attractions, and addresses, showing you every option to get there.
You can plan a whole trip with Rome2Rio. It will give you walking, train, bus, ferry, or plane directions, how much they cost, and direct links to buy the tickets.
This app can save you money by tracking the price of flights, cars, and hotels, letting you know exactly when to buy. You can even freeze the price for seven days.
The most noteworthy app feature is its predictability model, which can tell you exactly when a flight, accommodation, or rental car is about to increase in price with 95% accuracy.
As one of the most reliable encrypted messaging apps, WhatsApp allows anyone with an internet connection to send a message or call from anywhere in the world for free.
Users can keep their regular phone number and sync with their contacts list, making it perfect for an international trip to avoid roaming fees from your provider.
Switching time zones is exhausting, so instead of losing vacation days to jet lag, TimeShifter uses light exposure to put you on a timed schedule.
The app sends you prompt alerts of when to sleep and wake up to get on the new country's time as fast as possible, a technique used by NASA astronauts in space.