Saint Lucia Caribbean Island, couple on luxury vacation at the tropical Island of Saint Lucia
Don't Make This Mistake When Planning Your Caribbean Vacation
The Caribbean islands are often given the same collective descriptions, but each is different. Depending on how you like to travel, you'll want to consider which islands to visit.
Some assume the Caribbean as a whole is filled with natural phenomena, but some are just more natural standouts than others.
Natural Phenomena
In Saint Lucia, the jarring Piton Mountains create a picturesque landscape. Dominica, "The Nature Island," is home to several waterfalls, serene swimming holes, and hot springs.
The Caribbean is a country of islands, but the beaches are not equally beautiful. However, there are two islands whose shores one-up all the others.
Best Beaches
Antigua & Barbuda has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Some of the best include Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay, Hawksbill Bay, Ffryes Beach, and Long Bay Beach.
Anguilla is one of the flattest Caribbean islands, with uber-white sand and shallow blue waters. Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, and Rendezvous Bay Beach are some of the most popular.
The Caribbean islands are all remote, but some islands have millions of visitors a year. Fewer places feel as private and indulgent as Saint Barthélemy (or St. Barts).
St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a fantastic choice for a secluded vacation. From there, take a ferry to secluded Bequia, the second largest island that is only 7 square miles.
Some Caribbean getaways have up close and personal wildlife experiences, such as Pig Beach in Exuma, Bahamas, which offers a one-of-a-kind swimming experience.
It's Better Wetter
To hang out with flamingoes, Flamingo Beach in Aruba is on a private island owned by Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, but non-guests can buy a day pass for $125.
The island of Bonaire has the best snorkeling and scuba diving, with parrotfish, seven types of turtles, seahorses, frogfish, and night diving with tarpons.
Home of pop star Rhianna, Barbados is celebrated as the birthplace of rum, and they celebrate each year with the Barbados Rum & Food Festival.
Food And Local Life
Jamaica is the epitome of laid-back life, where locals take great pride in their culture, and as soon as you land in this paradise, the smiles are infectious.
Trinidad and Tobago offers some of the best street food in the Caribbean, and the two-day Carnival festival has wild street parties and colorful outfits.