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This London restaurant features Art Deco decor and modern French cuisine such as a vibrant bouillabaisse or venison with beetroot and blackberries.
Restaurant 1890
One Tripadvisor review said, "From start to finish, an excellent experience. [...] the quality of the service here was the best I have received. Excellent attention
to detail."
Le Pressoir d'Argent Gordon Ramsay in Bordeaux, France, has earned two Michelin stars for its gorgeous decor, refined cuisine, and excellent service.
Le Pressoir d'Argent
Diners applaud the chef's creative use of local ingredients like foie gras, Breton lobster, Gascon pork, and Eysines potatoes, and there are over 550 wine labels to choose from.
Inspired by the reality TV show, this Las Vegas restaurant is located in front of Caesar's Palace on the Strip and is decorated with a giant flaming pitchfork.
Hell's Kitchen
Inside, it looks just like the show's set with a large open kitchen. The menu features signature dishes from the show, like the lobster risotto and filet mignon.
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London has three Michelin stars and exquisite French cuisine made from fresh ingredients, such as lobster ravioli and roast pigeon.
Gordon Ramsay
One Tripadvisor reviewer stated, "This place is just, wow! [...] The chef, the waiters. Everything. Is it cheap? No!! But it shouldn't be, it's impeccable."
This restaurant on the Château de Versailles grounds features chic interiors with checkered marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and huge windows.
Gordon Ramsay Au Trianon
The Michelin Guide awarded Gordon Ramsay au Trianon a star for its enticing menu, which changes with the seasons. It could feature Breton lobster, Salers beef, and French cheeses.