Rick Steves talking on microphone
Cruise Through The Mediterranean On A Budget With Rick Steves' Tips
TV host, guidebook author, and European travel expert Rick Steves has a few tips to help you save money on a Mediterranean cruise via his blog Rick Steves' Europe.
His first tip is to stay in the loop about your spending. Set a daily limit for your spending and save your purchases for the port areas further away from the tourist zones.
Shore excursions are a great way to get a taste of each new destination, but many tours cost a pretty penny. Instead, consider saving money by venturing out on your own.
Before you get off the ship, do some research and pick some activities to do solo. Save your excursion budget for sites where you want the extra depth a guide can provide.
Eat in the standard dining room and avoid branded items that cost extra. Before heading to port for the day, eat a large breakfast and snag a few fruits or snacks to take along.
Get creative with free activities. Skim the daily schedule and fill up your time with bingo, art, swimming, fitness, shows, lectures, and dancing to some live music.