Entrance to an RV
Creative Ways To Utilize This Bathroom Staple In Your RV
To be prepared as you embark on your latest RV adventure, here are a few creative ways to utilize tension rods and free up some precious real estate in your vehicle.
Smaller tension rods can keep breakable items in your fridge safe during transit. By placing a rod in front of each shelf, you can keep your items snugly in place.
Not only does it make your setup more stable with little to no chance of damage, but this precaution eliminates any excess noise that they might cause during your drive.
When your shower isn't in use, use a tension rod over the stall to dry wet items. Just extend a rod across the length of the shower and hang up whatever needs air drying.
You also could use a tension rod to keep your shower toiletries within reach if you don't have a shelf. Add curtain clips to hold them in place if the containers permit.
In your kitchen area, tension rods can be used to store your mugs. Simply slide the pole through the handles, then install the rod in the cabinet.
Alternatively, you can also use S hooks to hang the mugs from the rod. The same idea can also be applied to your cleaning supply cabinet to hang spray bottles.
Just like toiletries, you could use shower clips or S hooks to hang kitchen utensils above the range or the sink. However, keep the sharper tools in a drawer.
Kitchen Hanging
If you're a plant person who wants to take some greenery on the road with you, hang small plants from tension rods and place them in the windows of the RV.
Other Uses
You also could arrange multiple rods close together to form a temporary shelf, but be careful not to poke holes in the walls or place heavy items on your makeshift shelves.