A young woman walks through the streets looking up at colorful flag decorations
Coping With Culture Shock: 9 Tips For Dealing With It Abroad

1. Research

Researching a region’s languages, history, customs, and food will help you understand what to expect and hopefully contribute to less extreme culture shock.

2. Expectations

Instead of idealizing your vacation, researching should give a more leveled expectation, but keep an open mind to continue to learn about the country once you get there.

3. Social Norms

Learning a bit of the local language, even just a few simple words and phrases, is a great way to immerse yourself into the culture rather than feel disconnected.
Knowing the social norms is also a good way to assimilate into your surroundings and make locals more at ease while showing them that you respect their culture.

4. Dress Appropriately

Being dressed inappropriately can be considered disrespectful in some cultures. You will fit in better, and locals will accept you more if you’re dressed appropriately.

5. Go Local

Dive into the culture by going beyond the tourist attractions, trying a local bar or cafe, signing up for a class, playing sports at a community center, or making friends.