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Cope With Homesickness On Long Vacations With These Tips
It's normal to feel homesick while on an extended solo vacation. The good news is there are ways to mitigate it so you can fully immerse yourself in the journey
If you find that a big part of your gloom is related to missing the people back at home, bring photographs to alleviate some of the sadness when you're away.
Keeping in touch through social media, texts, phone calls, or even postcards can also help. Just don't go overboard, as it may keep you from meeting new people.
Bill McGowan, an executive who spends most of the year traveling, told The New York Times that limiting the time you spend holed up inside is key to alleviating homesick feelings.
If you thrive with structure, book the same type of hotels so they feel familiar. Also, aim for lodging in busy areas so you have places to explore when homesickness strikes.
If homesickness creeps in, remember why you chose to embark on your trip in the first place. Take your feelings as a cue to immerse yourself in the activities you set out to enjoy.