Travelers get to know each other during a stay at a hostel
Cool Hostels To Stay In On Your Next Cross-Country Road Trip
In San Diego, this hostel is in a residential home and is abbreviated THC due to its name and 420-friendly vibe.
The Hostel California (THC)
The community vibe has bunk beds, shared common areas, and even some couches available for surfing, the close quarters only adding to the drifters' experience.
As the first Black-owned hostel in America, Wanderstay feels like home as it breaks barriers and gives a safe space for travelers in Houston, Texas.
Visitors help fund the hostel's scholarship program for students who otherwise may need help to afford passports, plane tickets, or accommodations in a foreign country.
For an affordable way to visit NYC, this converted warehouse offers a creative and vibrant atmosphere with a rooftop that offers a gorgeous view of the city.
The Local
The common areas are designed to unite guests and forge connections, including the work area and the on-site bar with local brews that doubles as a café during the day.
This Washington D.C. hostel will give you science fiction vibes and something to write home about in your sleeping pod in a room of stacked pairs.
U Street Capsule Hostel
The capsules are large enough to comfortably lay in and have enough room to roll over and even sit up. Communal bathrooms with showers are available for all your personal needs.
With Pike Place Market on the doorstep, this hostel is in the thick of Seattle's best attractions, and they can help you find the city's best experiences.
Green Tortoise Hostel
Once a tour bus company, the Green Tortoise offers a trade of part-time work for up to three months with free room and board at the hostel.