Medicine spilling out of a bottle
Common Medicines You May Not Want To Pack For Your Next Trip
Not every medicine found in your bathroom cabinet is allowed in other countries, and trying to bring them along on vacation could land you in serious hot water.
A commonly banned type of medication is narcotics such as fentanyl or morphine. Amphetamines and sedatives are also prohibited in some countries.
Even non-prescription medications such as birth control pills, insulin, allergy medicines, and supermarket decongestants may be banned in your destination country.
Packing restricted medicines could result in severe penalties, including jail time, so it's crucial to check local laws and restrictions thoroughly before traveling with medicine.
If your medicine isn't allowed in your destination, work with your physician to find a comparable medicine or see if they can prescribe your usual remedy for an approved reason.
Another option is to nab a prescription after you arrive. Visit a local urgent care center and explain your condition and the medication you usually take.